Practical information

Practical information

  • The Arboretum site is open all year round round and welcomes you for a fun and educational visit from May to October from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from November to April from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visits to the arboretum can be unaccompanied or guided.

  • For an unaccompanied visit, you can enjoy the site freely all day.
  • For a guided tour, a guide is at your disposal (Limited to 12 people).

Duration 1h30 to 2h00. Guided tour departures at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

  • Personalize your guided tour with “à la carte” workshops..

Make your choice from the list below. Duration 1h30 to 2h00. (Limited to 12 people)

  • The site is equipped to accommodate all people with reduced mobility upon reservation.
  • Pets are accepted, kept on a leash.
  • Equip yourself with a pair of light hiking shoes and bring your picnic to enjoy under the larch trees to fully enjoy this experience.

Access Tour Options

Means of payment: Checks or Cash only

Unaccompanied Visit
Adult & Child


Child -12 years old


Guided Tour
Adult & Child


Child -12 years old


Adult & Child


Child -12 years old


Guided tours and workshops by reservation by phone or via the form below.

Régisseur +33 (0)6 10 32 31 83

Theme days

Snowshoeing in the heart of the Arboretum

As soon as the first snow falls, our guide suggests snowshoe hikes in the Arboretum where you will discover the mountain trees adorned with their coats of snow, shiny and immaculate. Observe, listen, look, follow the tracks of animals... After your walk on our trails, you will warm up with a good hot tea/coffee served at the Chalet de l'Arbre then on the way to the village you will decipher a mysterious fresco from the 16th century century and “sinful”…and finish your day at Eugène the village baker, who will bewitch you with his incredible pain au chocolat…

Larch inflorescences:

Larch, tree of light, reigns in the mountains. A rare conifer to have a complete cycle of seasons, it can flourish at very high altitude (2500 m) and resist temperatures reaching -60°C. It is in the spring that this majestic tree reveals all its originality by giving birth to inflorescences in the shape of a "fuchsia-colored pineapple". An explosion of colours guaranteed to celebrate the arrival of spring and discover the larch flower liqueur...

The heritage of the Wild Roses of the Alpes Maritimes:

At the height of spring, it is the heritage of wild roses - delicate ancestors of the beautiful roses in our gardens - which invite you to see them in bloom. This unique Rosa collection in the heart of the Alpes-Maritimes earned us the Henry Ford Prize for France and the Environment.

Bird Day – every year in June:

A pretext to come and observe the birds around the bird cascatelles and its observation post, while following a unique ornithological route in search of the Golden Eagle, the Circaète Jean-le-blanc, we find there, the Common buzzard, the grey flycatcher, the crossbills that come to drink at the fountain, the black woodpecker, the mad sparrow, the kestrel, but also the smallest of our birds: the triple-banded kinglet. The day will be hosted by two renowned ornithologists from the Roure Arboretum Scientific Committee: Martine and Michel Belaud. It will also be an opportunity to marvel at the life-size bird sculptures created by Michel Belaud that dot the trees on our trails. Books and binoculars will be made available to you. Dedication of the booklet "Biodiversity" by Michel Belaud.(Download the faunal inventory))

Every first Sunday of October, "no-made" opening under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

No-made is the meeting between artists of different sensitivities and cultures: Japan, Italy, Burkina Faso, England, Germany, France... It is a collective of artists with fluctuating borders who come together around projects that make sense and in which their know-how is freely expressed. The nomadic spirit is characterised by its privileged relationship with Nature with the works entrusted to it, so that it re-sculpts them with the wind, the rain, the snow, the hail, the sun...

Le Brame du Cerf: a strange love song

Every year in autumn, deer in the forests of the Tinée Valley “sing”. This period marks the beginning of the rut of adult individuals. The slab is as much a cry of love intended to attract females as a warning to mark their territory vis-à-vis other males. While all year round the deer is discreet and it is very difficult to observe with binoculars, it is given to nature lovers to observe it for a good month. From dawn to dusk, you will, like the deer, only have to follow its call. Perhaps you will have the chance to attend the unique spectacle of the meeting of two males competing for a harem of deer! Meet in the early morning in the forest of Rougios to attend these strange weddings.

A la découverte des érables dans le flamboiement de l’automne

Come and discover the trees of the mountains of the world dressed in their Autumn clothes, passing from the golden yellow of the cissilifolium to the remarkable crimson, scarlet and orange colours of the maple japonicum; the rubrum, recognisable by its beautiful cardinal red colour; Cappadocicum rubrum with deep red leaves. Along the way you can admire the finery of the larch: a tree of light, it is the only conifer in Europe to lose its needles which turn yellow in autumn and spread on the ground in a carpet of gold, all harmonising with the colour -de-vin of the earth (this purple colouring of the earth is due to the presence of iron in these sediments dating from 260 million years). Breathe in the fresh mountain air, enjoy the Autumn colours and bend down to pick up the gifts that Nature offers you: pine cones, dead leaves in multiple shapes and a thousand colours, bluish lichens... They will make beautiful decorations for your Christmas !

Educational workshops:

Environmental Awareness Workshop

Awareness of the preservation of the environment. How the oldest companion of man breathes. Treasure hunt to discover trees with small panels created by the Arboretum team and its Memo Game. Then recognise blindly, by touch, a plant, a stone or... with the Taboo game.

"Tell Me About the Tree" Workshop

Discovery of nature and biodiversity

Ornithological Workshop

Discovery trail presenting the birds inventoried on the site and sculpted; A moment in the observation shelter.

The Butterfly Discovery Workshop

With their diversity, butterflies take us on a hunt for colours. From common species to very rare ones.

Medicinal Plant Workshop

Discovery of the virtues of plants - where, how to eat and heal with the Simples.

"Tell Me About the Earth" Workshop

Introduction to geology on a site 260 million years old.

Land Art Workshop

Realisation of artistic works for awareness, to creation and manual ability.

"Tell Me About Art" Workshop

“Reading” works of art.

Recovery Workshop

Manufacture of objects from natural elements collected on the site: mobile, trivet, cache pot….

Authentic day

The Arboretum Marcel Kroenlein offers you a unique journey thanks to its new concept : AuthenticDay. A concept that cultivates a taste for authentic escape.

Arrive by Mini Van, or by helicopter, at the edge of the Mercantour, you will enjoy a personalised visit to discover the medieval village of Roure, have lunch at the gastronomic table of the "Robur" and discover a unique place dedicated to the trees of the world and contemporary art... Price on request.

AuthenticDay is a carbon-neutral activity. To compensate for CO2 emissions, a tree bearing your name will be planted, marking your passage through the Southern Alps.

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